steps to lose weight or gain muscle

We are going to discuss What must be done in order to lose weight or gain muscle

When we talk about losing fat or gaining muscle, the most important thing to begin with to optimize the best results is the diet, then find a good balance between the calories in and the calories out, plus the exercises you are adding to your journey.

1- Calculate your calories

Before beginning any step of your journey, you must determine how many calories your body requires each day to maintain its current level of muscle mass without acquiring fat. These calories are known as "maintain calories" in the nutrition world.

2- Play with the calories

Playing with numbers is all you need to do after you know how many calories you require to maintain your weight. increasing calorie intake Eat more to gain muscle, which is referred to as a "calorie surplus," and less to reduce fat, which is referred to as a "calorie deficit."

3-Nutritional value

Now that you are aware of the type of diet that is best for your objectives, you should be aware that eating more or less is not the only requirement of a diet; the nutrition value you add to your calories must satisfy all of your body's nutritional requirements (protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, etc.).

4- Adding exercises

Exercise is the cherry on top, and in our case, we'll go with weightlifting or bodyweight exercises because they're more effective, simpler for most people to incorporate, and best for both muscle gain and weight loss.

In conclusion following those steps and finding how to marry diet and exercise will result in giving you the results you always dreamed of without any doubt. Are you ready for your future body shape?