Hypertrophy VS Strength

What are the differences

2/26/20231 min read

Hypertrophy refers to increasing the size of the muscle, which is done by increasing the overall volume of your workout (sets x reps).

1 What Is Hypertrophy?

-Benefits of Hypertrophy Training

  • Builds More Muscle

  • Less Risk of Injury

  • Increased Energy Expenditure

  • Improves Muscular Symmetry

2 What Is Strength?

Strength training refers to increasing the ability of a muscle to produce force, which is done through lifting heavier weights (above 85% of 1 rep max).

-Benefits of Strength Training

  • Increases Neural Drive and Peak Strength

  • Can Maintain or Build Strength While Training Less

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • May Increase Risk of Injury and/or Overuse Injury

Should I Train For Strength Or Hypertrophy First?

A lot of you are wondering what should you start with as a beginner. Strength or hypertrophy first?

  • As a beginner, you should always prioritize hypertrophy training.

  • By using it in your early career; you will gain muscle and strength.

  • Take your time to develop some muscle mass, learn the proper technique, and gain confidence under the bar.

  • The loads required for strength training can challenge your technique and lead to muscular and joint injuries if not used properly.

  • With that said, once you become an intermediate, you can train for both strength and hypertrophy.

In short, hypertrophy is how big a muscle is, while strength is how strong a muscle is.

The best choice between hypertrophy and strength training comes down to your personal goals and level of experience.